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Angebote Boote

GER 8388 zu verkaufen  

EUR 5.500 VB
2 x Großsegel (eins davon wenig benutzt und Kevlar, einmal Dacron)
2 x Fock (Dacron)
2 x Spinnaker
Alle Segel von BM
2 x Oberpersenning (eine nur ca. 1,5 Jahre alt, beides P&B)
Unterpersenning zum Transport
Rapide Trailroad Sliptrailer (TÜV Mai 2023)
Eingetragen am 01.06.2021

505 number 8909 ready to race  

Rondar, Full Carbon Epoxy
10 200 Euro, 46 000 PLN
Jan Domanski
Hull: Rondar, full carbon epoxy

Very fast boat, with ideal weight measured during Worlds 2018 in Poland. Treated with care, regularly checked and updated. Race rigged and tuned. It's in a very good condition ready to sail.

The package also includes:
- Measurment documents (weight of boat ready to sail 127,4 - ideally as in the class rules)
- Rudder Exploder High Aspect (full steering gear) (produced in 2017),
- Rudder short (full steering gear) (spare),
- High aspect centerboard (weight: 5 kg),
- High aspect centerboard (spare, weight 3 kg),
- Superspars Mast M2 with autotweakers and Main Halyard Lock,
- Superspars RAM,
- Carbon boom AG+,
- 2x Carbon spi-poles AG+,
- Spinnaker Pinnel & Bax (2013),
- Spinnaker Narwal (2014),
- Spinnaker BM (2006),
- Jib Narwal (2016),
- Jib Narwal (2014),
- Jib BM (2013),
- Main North Sails 3DL (2016),
- Main - dacron (perfect for training in strong wind),
- Full spare battens (4x) set for Main,
- Tack-tick RaceMaster,
- All other fittings and regulations enabling racing, including partly replaced with new ones,
- Top cover,
- Hull cover,
- Mast cover (two pieces),
- Boom cover,
- Rudder cover 2x,
- Centerboard cover,
- Full set of sail covers,
- Paddle,
- Hawser 20m,
- Slip trolley,
- Road trailier with transport belts.

All ready to sail right away.

More photos:
Full list of tuning and maintenance work from 2016 up to now and more photos available on demand.

Location: Poland, Warsaw

Phone: (+48) 664 718 853
Eingetragen am 30.05.2021

DEN 9128, Ovington Jess edition  

Ovington Jess
19500 Euro
Henrik Buhl
+45 26719692
2021: New Selden Mast
2020: Long-boarded and rejuvenated at Brøker (Olympic boat re-builder) for 2000 Euro.
Two mainsails, three jibs and two spinnakers.
Trolley and trailer
Lots of nice and fast details – plug and play!
No campass, No undercover. (I do not have it)

Eingetragen am 18.05.2021

Rondar GER 8956  

Baujahr 2009
VHB 12900 €
Thorsten Koch
08856 9109733
Ich verkaufe meinen Rondar 8956.
Ausbau auf dem neusten Stand, vollkarbon, Doppelspibaumsystem.
In den letzten Jahren wenig gesegelt und trocken eingelagert.
1BM Groß (zustand gut)
2 Fock (BM/ Latsch; Zustand sehrgut)
3 Spi
1 Ticktack Kompass
Harbeck Kombitrailer mit TüV bis 6-2022
Oberpersenning, Unterpersenning,Mastpersenning, Rudertasche
Liegt derzeit am Walchensee und kann dort besichtigt werden

Eingetragen am 09.05.2021

Rondar POL 8582  

6450 Euro
for sale is a very nice 505, made by Rondar, that is still underweight with 4 kg of lead. It was originally outfitted by Holger Jess.

Included in the set are:
- Epoxy boat with carbon insert,
- SuperSpars mast with tweakers,
- Double carbon spinnaker poles,
- High Aspect centerboard and rudder,
- Registered trailer (very good condition) with slipping trolley,
- Well thought out internal layout of the boat with quite a few interesting solutions,
- Two sets of class sails that will still be useful for racing (mains, jibs and kites),
- Covers for top, bottom, boom, rudder,
- Class certificate.

Boat is stored in garage when not in use (~340 days a year). Last 365 days actually spent there.

Currently located in Lodz, middle of Poland, less than 5 hour highway drive from Berlin.
Eingetragen am 02.04.2021