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Angebote Boote

GER 9182  

Ovington - Jess
Alexander Holzapfel
505 GER 9182
Ovington hull, full Holger Jess fit out and alignment.
white hull and light grey decks,
First hand, well maintained and - except for racing - always garage stored.
Superspar M2 mast with halyard lock, carbon boom, twin carbon poles.
Fully adjustable rig and calibration with matrix settings all recorded in boat.
Centre mainsheet, traveller with hoop
Jess high aspect ratio carbon foils, gybing board with horizontal and vertical adjustment, long narrow rudder with carbon wrapped stock, 10mm fittings.
1.0 kg corrector weight
Top cover
Price 21.500 Euro

FOR SALE presumably end of May / early June 2023 (after EC Riva and before Kiel Week), can be examined at EC St. Raphael and EC Riva

Pinnell and Bax Sails (July 2021): Radial mainsail full, jib full with zib luff, spinnaker Monster blue with red stripe.
Rapide trolley
Eingetragen am 28.03.2023

GER 8750  

Rondar / Jess
Arne Wittemer
Rondar 8750 fittet by Jess in 2000
First season sailed by Hunger/Jess (1. KielWeek, 4. European championship)
A lot of years only stored, always stored inside dry
Smooth hull, outside hull carbon, new bar for forestay (bigger spinnaker tube outlet)
Carbonboom with doublepole made by Jess
High aspect rudder
2016 new Jess high aspect centerboard
2016 new M2 Mast
Bottom cover, 2 Topcovers (one for traveling)
One Training set of BM Sails.

to visit in Bochum/Germany

Double Trailer with big Box and slightly used BM sails optional.

More information on
Eingetragen am 20.02.2023

GER 9185  

Build 2017
22.000 €
Böhm / Roos
+49 221 5309530
+49 173 6177650
Lightgrey/white hull, carbon/epoxy, 2 kg correctors, full fitted by Holger Jess:
Everything adjustable, transom sheeted, high aspect Jess-foils, double pole-system.
Extreme rarely used (no training) and few regattas, in best shape.
Comes with all around cover, mast cover, boom cover.

Sails available on request.
Eingetragen am 17.02.2023